How can we CREATE better roadways?

Study where the rubber meets the road.

More than 4 million miles of paved roads traverse the United States, interstates traveled by truckers transporting products critical to our GNP, highways used by families heading on vacation, streets that lead from home to work to supermarkets to soccer games.

And perhaps every driver who has struck a pothole, every company trying to deliver its goods and every official who values the economic impact of a strong and safe infrastructure wants to know if it’s possible to make journeys on those 4 million miles safer and smoother and the roads less costly and longer lasting.

That’s where the Center for Research and Education in Advanced Transportation Engineering systems (CREATEs) at the South Jersey Technology Park at Rowan University becomes a critical resource.

Funded by nearly $5 million from the State of New Jersey, U.S. Department of Defense/Army Corps of Engineers and New Jersey Department of Transportation, CREATEs is home to the only college-based Heavy Vehicle Simulator in the Northeast. The HVS can mimic a decade’s worth of wear and tear on roadways (and airport runways) in less than a year. With that information, researchers can assess existing structures and explore the potential of new construction materials that may hold up better in severe climates or unstable terrain by evaluating such concerns as soil failure and moisture impact.

CREATEs’ work will benefit, among others, the pavement and construction materials industry, local and state agencies across the nation, Departments of Transportations in multiple states, the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Defense.

Among the projects the CREATEs team is tackling or has tackled are research on flexible overlays on composite pavement for the New Jersey Department of Transportation; pavement preservation strategies for the Rhode Island Department of Transportation; and the environmental impacts of unbound reclaimed asphalt pavement, also for the NJDOT.

The CREATEs team is on the road to improving highways and more throughout the country.

Contact Us: For more information about any of these initiatives, please contact:
Dr. Joe Cardona,, 856-256-4236.