Making a difference for a university, town, region - How do you become a leader and innovator in New Jersey? Think differently with partners who do the same. How do you become a leader and innovator in New Jersey? You think unconventionally about the role of a university and find partners who are willing to pursue and stay the course with a dream that… ... Learn More
Making higher education accessible, affordable - How can colleges open more doors and save more money? Get creative, be collaborative. All colleges face the challenges of making higher education more accessible and more affordable. Rowan is meeting those challenges head on. The University has formed important partnerships and offers several innovative alternate paths to open the doors to more students to… ... Learn More
Building better roads and runways - How can we CREATE better roadways? Study where the rubber meets the road. More than 4 million miles of paved roads traverse the United States, interstates traveled by truckers transporting products critical to our GNP, highways used by families heading on vacation, streets that lead from home to work to supermarkets to soccer games. And… ... Learn More

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Dr. Joe Cardona,, 856-256-4236.