A redefined Rowan to drive transformation of region - A redefined Rowan to drive transformation of region Over the past six years, Rowan University has challenged conventional thinking and introduced business concepts that have transformed a well-regarded local institution into the region’s fastest growing, most progressive-thinking University. With $1.2 billion in construction planned by public and private entities, steep enrollment increases and a bold… ... Learn More
Making higher education accessible, affordable - How can colleges open more doors and save more money? Get creative, be collaborative. All colleges face the challenges of making higher education more accessible and more affordable. Rowan is meeting those challenges head on. The University has formed important partnerships and offers several innovative alternate paths to open the doors to more students to… ... Learn More
Improving education K-college - How do you improve education at all levels? Go beyond your own four walls. Make a difference in education, make a difference in your community – colleges are challenged to do that every day. But their work doesn’t start with 18-years-olds walking into freshman classes for the first time, and it isn’t limited to the… ... Learn More
Exploring fossils, eyeing the future - Why dig up the past? Because fossils can tell us about the future. More than 65 million years ago, a massive asteroid struck Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs and 75 percent of the species on our planet. New clues about this pivotal, momentous and mysterious event are emerging from a former marl mine in… ... Learn More

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Dr. Joe Cardona, cardona@rowan.edu, 856-256-4236.