Providing children with healing and hope - How do you care for traumatized children? With world-renowned expertise and compassion. No responsibility is more important than keeping children safe. But life doesn’t always mirror the Brady Bunch, and too many children are victims of maltreatment – indeed, close to a million American children suffer some form of neglect or abuse a year. The… ... Learn More
Educating tomorrow’s physicians - How can we strengthen vital signs for New Jersey? By educating physicians committed to care and community. The friendly doctor serving three generations of your family, the world-class specialist within a half-hour drive, the health care provider you trust with your life and with your kids’ lives? They may be among those vanishing, so to… ... Learn More
Delivering medication innovatively - Can plastic carry a cure? Polymers may transport treatments for host of conditions. A tiny piece of plastic may hold the key to delivering medications more effectively and efficiently to treat some of mankind’s most devastating illnesses, ensuring patients receive the best care they need in the right timeframe and improving and possibly saving lives.… ... Learn More
Exploring life-saving treatments - Can cool research save lives? When temperatures decrease, hope increases for stroke patients. We know the symptoms but maybe not the stats: Nearly 800,000 people a year in the United States suffer a stroke, and almost 130,000 people die from a stroke – the fifth leading cause of death. For those who survive, stroke is… ... Learn More
Seeking solution for fatal childhood disease - How does research provide hope for sick children? By developing innovative ways to provide treatment. Perhaps the saddest thing anyone can tell parents of children afflicted by disease is that there is no hope. This is what physicians currently tell loved ones of children with Canavan disease – a fatal childhood neurological condition that usually… ... Learn More


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