How do you improve education at all levels?

Go beyond your own four walls.

Make a difference in education, make a difference in your community – colleges are challenged to do that every day. But their work doesn’t start with 18-years-olds walking into freshman classes for the first time, and it isn’t limited to the boundaries of their campus.

Rowan University embraces its commitment to education and community in many ways, including through Professional Development Schools.

For more than 20 years, the Rowan College of Education has partnered with such districts as Glassboro, Monroe Township, Camden and Bridgeton on the innovative Professional Development Schools. In these programs, University and P-12 students and faculty work and learn together, preparing education candidates, offering faculty development programs and joining Rowan and P-12 educators on initiatives to improve the practice of education and more.

Professional Development Schools are more than just institutions to place teacher candidates; they offer environments where Rowan students, faculty liaisons, classroom teachers and P-12 students engage in research that positively impacts the future of education.

The Rowan College of Education partnerships focus on pre-service (varied forms of educator preparation, such as clinical practice, field placements and on-site coursework), in-service (multiple opportunities for teachers to engage in continuing professional development by working with University faculty members), student learning (with efforts to increase all students’ learning) and research (into teaching and learning for the purpose of improving both P-12 and higher education).

Today, the Rowan College of Education collaborates with seven South Jersey schools in Gloucester and Cumberland counties on Professional Development Schools. The University and those schools are committed to improving education at all levels in South Jersey.

Contact Us: For more information about any of these initiatives, please contact:
Dr. Joe Cardona,, 856-256-4236.