How do you care for traumatized children?

With world-renowned expertise and compassion.

No responsibility is more important than keeping children safe.

But life doesn’t always mirror the Brady Bunch, and too many children are victims of maltreatment – indeed, close to a million American children suffer some form of neglect or abuse a year. The call then is to help them cope, recover and live healthy lives.

This is the call answered by the CARES (Child Abuse Research Education and Service) Institute of the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, the regional diagnostic treatment center for children who have endured neglect or abuse in southern New Jersey. In addition to providing direct services, CARES provides training for professionals from organizations throughout the State and around the country.

CARES’ staff members also work with medical and mental health professionals throughout Europe and Asia, sharing the diagnostic and therapeutic interventions developed at CARES, which are recognized by many worldwide to reflect the standard of care today for addressing the psychological impact of childhood trauma.

Founded in 1985, CARES has addressed the medical and/or mental health needs of more than 25,000 patients. In addition to helping children recover from abuse, staff members have raised awareness and understanding of the trauma suffered by countless children around the world – those in war-torn countries, those coping with natural catastrophes like earthquakes and tsunamis – and prepared generations of physicians and mental health professionals who one day may treat such children.
CARES literally wrote the books – both medical and mental health texts translated into numerous languages – that provide guidance to professionals on optimally caring for children and families impacted by sexual abuse or trauma. The medical texts offer guidance on conducting child-sensitive examinations to confirm concerns and treat abuse-related medical issues when necessary. The mental health texts guide clinicians in healing children and families who have experienced sexual and physical abuse and/or exposure to domestic violence. With compassion and expertise, the exceptional staff at CARES provides services in a safe, child-friendly environment that ultimately and perhaps most importantly inspires hope.

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