Can a virtual world help solve real-world problems?

The VR Center at Rowan does – across many fields.

In the Virtual Reality Center at the South Jersey Technology Park at Rowan University, physicians virtually dissect their patients, peering into lungs and brain without wielding a scalpel. Engineers evaluate a town’s sewer system without getting their boots wet. Aviation experts view and simulate aircraft around the world with a direct connection to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Rowan VR Center partners with businesses and government agencies in an R&D facility that includes a unique VR collaborative environments for up to 25 people; a four-sided, walk-in environment; and head-mounted displays. Staff, clients and collaborators can use each of these systems for real-time planning, designing and visualization.

By inputting technical data from public and private databases, Rowan teams find solutions to medical, engineering, technology, environmental and other problems without ever stepping outside the Tech Park in southern New Jersey. Their work is thorough, efficient and cost-effective, enabling individuals, businesses and organizations to get the answers they need for the problems they must solve.

The VR Center’s clients and funders are diverse, including the Federal Aviation Administration, National Science Foundation, U.S. Economic Development Administration, Naval Sea Systems Command, NASA Stennis Space Center, and more.

Contact Us: For more information about any of these initiatives, please contact:
Dr. Joe Cardona,, 856-256-4236.